Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Traditional warmth with these modern gas fire ideas

Most homes these days are being installed with gas heating systems. Choosing a natural gas option if it is available to you, is convenient, affordable, safe and reliable or perhaps opt for a LP Gas connection to your gas fire, working on gas provided through cylinders.

Gas heating in the form of these gas fires (featured below) typically have the highest energy efficiency

Below is an ornamental gas fire looking very similar to what we have recently installed,
 Most of these products are around a 4 star energy rating. They just have a much warmer vibe and add a feature to any home. Prices for such heaters range from $1200 to $20,000 so there is one for every budget. This one pictured was about $3500 installed. 
Only time this fire will make a mess is the clean-up after the install!


Whether wanting to find something true to a traditional looking fire place or something ultra modern, there is a wide range out there for, all providing a cosy atmosphere in your home. 

Tip for installation:
Advise our licenced fitter on how much you intend on using your LP gas fire if opting for this type, they can let you know how long your gas cylinder should last for and what size is best for your needs.

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